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People of the past

We are compiling a list of people that were born, lived or worked Netley and Bindara over the years.
If you have information on "people of the past" please sent us an email.

Please note that the dates listed below are estimates in same cases

PLANT, Jack and Doll & children Dave, Ray & Aubert1920Jack - Engine Driver
JONES, Winifred Wynne1876Born 1876 on Netley
McBRIDE, Alexander1874-1876Book keeper at Netley Died 1876 at Netley, buried in Menindee Cemetery
TAYLOR, William H1874-1876Book keeper & Storekeeper at Netley
WENZ (nee DUNNE), Hettie  
WOOD, John1865-1867Worked on Netley
McRAE1865-1867Worked on Netley
CLARY, Hugh1865-1867Worked on Netley
BARTTETT, George1865-1867Worked on Netley
McGREGGOR, George1865-1867Worked on Netley
BURKE, William1865-1867Worked on Netley
FENTRILE, Samuel1865-1867Worked on Netley
TURNBULL, Alexander1865-1867Worked on Netley
CORK, J1865-1867Worked on Netley
DAVIDSON, John1865-1867Worked on Netley
WILSON1865-1867Worked on Netley
BICKFORD, William1865-1867Worked on Netley
BANDICK, John1865-1867Worked on Netley
THORNTON, John1865-1867Worked on Netley
RAWE, R1865-1867Worked on Netley
ENFIELD, George1865-1867Worked on Netley
REICHER, David1865-1867Worked on Netley
FRASER, Henry1865-1867Worked on Netley
HILL, William1865-1867Worked on Netley
GREEN, Robert1865-1867Worked on Netley
TENNANT, Neil1865-1867Worked on Netley
THEA, John1865-1867Worked on Netley
WOOD, William1865-1867Worked on Netley
FONESTH, Donald1865-1867Worked on Netley
EDWARDS, John1865-1867Worked on Netley
KENNEDY, Henry1865-1867Worked on Netley
CAIN, William1865-1867Worked on Netley
GREIG, John1865-1867Worked on Netley
FLYNN, John1865-1867Worked on Netley
McLENNON, Neil1871Drover on Netley
Black Tommy & his Lubra1866Worked on Netley
Chunky & his Lubra1866Worked on Netley
No Good & his Lubra1866Worked on Netley
Black Peter1866Worked on Netley
RANKIN, Richard Blackwood1918Manager
HALL (Miss)1918Teacher (Broken Hill)
HOULEY, Leo (last name possibly HOWELL)1918Teacher
MARSKILL, MrC 1920Teacher
PETERS, James (Jim)1926Teacher
TOWNSEND, Rowl1927Teacher
GRACE, MG (Miss) (last name possibly Grey)1917Teacher
SEARLE, Don1913-1936General Hand
SEARLE, Mary, Nancy & Keith1926-1927Children, students at Netley school
FAIRBURN, Jack1926-1927Child, student at Netley school
JENNINGS, Mr & Mrs (Name changed to Burrows)C 1926Overseer at Tandou
BENNETT, TedC 1926Overseer at No 7 Bore
MARINER, JimC 1926Overseer at Middlecamp
GOUGH, Jim (Dick ?)C 1927Overseer at Middlecamp
DOHERTY, Mr1927Storkeeper Middlecamp
McKENZIE, Bill & Mrs1927Bill - Cook, Mrs - Housekeeper Middlecamp
TREWEEK, Sam1927Blacksmith Middlecamp
McLENNAN, Donald1929Manager at Netley (Married sister of owner Miss Dunne)
MARTIN, Billc1920Gardner
HOUG WA, Tommyc1920Gardner
TOBIN, John1924Engine Driver
GARDINER, Jack1924Cook
DANIELS, Jack1926Groom
SULLIVAN, Johnny1926Horseman
MAYGER, George1926General Hand
CANN, Jack & Edith1926Jack - Stud Overseer, Edith - Cook
ROBSON, Peter1928Book keeper & Storekeeper at Netley
PARRINGTON, Milly (Miss)1928Housemaid & Laundress
SEARLE, AH1928Bookkeeper
FLYNN, Jim & Lucy, children Joe, Will Jim & Dorothy1928Jim - Engine Driver
KOLSTAD, Peter1928Engine Driver
KOLSTAD, Harold1928Engine Driver
SEARLE, Harry1933General Hand
WILKES, Charlie1926-1933New well Overseer
BASSLER, Jack1950-1970Shearing Contractor, Jack Bassler & Son (Launching Place)
BASSLER, George1950-1970Wool Classer, Jack Bassler & Son (Launching Place)
ALLEN, Roy1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Irymple)
ARCHER, Tommy1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Wangaratta)
BOUGH, Joe1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Bendigo)
BROOKMAN, Joe1950-1970Presser, Jack Bassler & Son
BROOKMAN, Flo1950-1970Cook, Jack Bassler & Son
CAMERON, Ian1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Vermont)
CHAMBERS, Beau1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Wangaratta)
CHARLES, Don1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Red Cliffs)
CLOSTER, Harold1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Vermont)
DURBER, Brian1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Launching Place)
FROMBERG, Jack1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Mildura)
GRAHAM, Lloyd1950-1970Presser, Jack Bassler & Son (Elmore)
HAYES, Gerry1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Natimuk)
HETHERTON, Ian1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Launching Place)
JENSEN, Keith1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Elmore)
KELLY, Jack1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Menindee)
LANIGAN, Gary1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Mildura)
LANIGAN, Wally1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Mildura)
MALONE, Danny1950-1970Employee, Jack Bassler & Son
MALONEY, Mick1950-1970Cook, Jack Bassler & Son (Launching Place)
McDONALD, Jack1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Ringwood)
McGINNIS, Hugh1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Menindee)
McGINNIS, Jimmy1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Menindee)
McGINNIS, Oscar1950-1970Employee, Jack Bassler & Son
MORRISON, Junior1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Menindee)
MURTAGH, Max1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Shepparton)
MURTAGH, Shirley1950-1970Cook, Jack Bassler & Son (Shepparton)
O'NEIL, Des1950-1970Shearer, Jack Bassler & Son (Penhurst)
O'REILLY, Danny1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Forrest Hills)
O'REILLY, Mickey1950-1970Shedhand, Jack Bassler & Son (Forrest Hills)
RANKIN1849-53Owner (Arrived in Australia on "Martin Luther" in 1849)
PILE, James1855Owner (Father in law of Explorer, John McKinlay)
DUNNE, Joseph (Joe)1857-1874Owner (drowned in Menindee Creek, buried in Menindee)
DUNNE, John1874-Owner (brother to Joseph)
PACKER, George Arthur1960Owner (from Log Hut, Broken Hill)
PACKER, James1960Owner (from Log Hut, Broken Hill)
PACKER, Henry Sylvester1960Owner (from Log Hut, Broken Hill)
DAVIS, Cameron Patrick, Sarah Jane & children Elsie May, Oliver David, Eric George, Ivy MyrtleC1890 - 1902Cameron -Labourer, children all born at Netley
DAY, Stuart1962Manager
WALTON, Jessica Louise1931-1932Governess