Bindara Station

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The Cemetery

It is not known when the cemetery was first used, the oldest headstone is from March 1877.
Station records revel that in May 1877 Mr Eastwood & Mr Berriman were employed to erect
a timber and wire netting fence around the exiting station cemetery.
There is believed to be about 40 sites in the cemetery.
In 1980 there was evidence of 17 graves, including eight with headstones.
In 2010 a new fence was erected to protect the site.

Headstones read as follows:
Patrick Treanor of Dun Dalk, Louth, Ireland aged 32 years DOD 9 March 1877
John Thorton of Netley aged 65 years DOD 17 April 1884
Neil McLennan of Netley aged 78 years DOD 31 August 1909
Dorothy Rankin of Tolarno*
Audrey Norean Grey aged 8 years DOD 15 October 1916
Richard Kearns aged 60 years DOD 2 May 1922
Isabella Jennings of Netley Station DOD 21 January 1926
Margaret Packer aged 49 years DOD 18 January 1940

*Dorothy Rankin was from Tolarno Station, but but moved to Netley as the Managers wife and died in childbirth, leaving one surviving child.
Mr Rankin then married his late wife's sister and had second family. He continued as manager until 1939.