Bindara Station

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Explore over 8 kilometers of river country which forms the boundary of Bindara Station.
The river flats and sand hills are a natural haven for three species of kangaroos, emus, echidnas, turtles and many reptiles including lizards and snakes.  During spring and after rains a spectacular display of native flowers and grasses may be seen.

Visitors can join guided or unguided walks to the old cemetery or along the river which include focal points of interest, wildlife encounters and stories of the local history and bush experiences.

The river and surrounding bush provide a natural habitat for a wide range of birds, including many rare species.  Additional species are constantly being added to the list of sightings.  To date our varieties include an impressive collection. A full list of birds sited in the area is available.

Fishing & Yabbing
The river has many different species of fish including Yellow Perch, Murray Cod & Yabbies