Bindara Station

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About Us

According to an 1904 article in the Barrier Miner "Netley" means "Sandy Point"  Although it is possible it is named after Netley castle, abbey and village in England, established in 1237 by Henry III.

Originaly called Netley, the Station name was later changed to Bindara, which it is still known as today.

Bindara Station was many things in the past; an operational farm with sheep, beef cattle, horses and irrigated hay.  More recently the farm has been opened up to share a little of our "oasis" on the Darling with visitors.

The farm is "off grid" with emphasis on using eco technology; the property is powered with a combination of solar, wind, gas and bio diesel.
An important part of the station experience is to observe the day to day running of the property.   Guests are encouraged to share our lifestyle and gain a taste of the real outback.